Hallmarks of DesignX

We know and understand that your ultimate satisfaction and greater happiness is the single most important priority for us. That’s why finding the best hair loss solution is our top priority for you.
Your hair will look and feel great! It will behave naturally at every occasion, whether on the beach, on the job, in the pool or at a social function. Our hair replacement is completely undetectable, invisible and age-appropriate. Every hair system is completely customized to your every specification from color, density, texture, front hair line, wave pattern, greys, etc.
We provide the most advanced products and extraordinary service that are consistent through and through, all at a reasonable and budget-friendly value. More importantly, we understand and care about our customers’ needs and address them with the best custom solutions.
You will never be tied to any contract or term of any kind at all. Everything is month-to-month with us.
And we focus on maintaining the “after” with as much vigor and care as we did when helping you get there.
with over 35 years of experience, great care, sensitivity and attention to detail.
providing all the industry-proven hair loss solutions, all under one roof.
Our President and founder is a customer. We are honest, sincere and realistic with our customers and their expectations.
Whether or not you choose to be our client, our primary goal is to educate, inform and arm you with all the pertinent information you need to make the most informed decision and choice about your hair loss. We are here to help every hair loss customer in every way that we can, regardless of whether you become our client.
DesignX is Better Than Online Hair
DesignX provides absolutely everything for you and takes care of all of your needs, all under one roof and one low price!
With online hair companies, all you’re getting is the hair…that’s it…and maybe the hope that your order is correct. You’re not getting any of the salon maintenance services and certainly no personal attention. While you’re saving some money on the cost of the hair, you are on your own to fend for yourself and become your own stylist.
At DesignX, we get it right the first time! Why would you settle for anything less?
With online companies, it may take a few orders to get your customization correct either because you may not be completely aware of what you need or the online sales person does not truly understand your requirements. In that process, you’ve wasted time, money, energy and your brain cells trying to get it right…not to mention your looks have been sacrificed.
A perfect blend of art and science is needed when it comes to customizing your hair. And that can only be done in person by our experienced hair artists/stylists.
All of your interaction is via the web, phone and email. The most critical part of perfectly customizing your hair is the up-close and personal visual inspection by our hair experts to define and identify all of the characteristics of your hair, front hairline and facial contours. No amount of pictures nor verbal descriptions can take the place of an in-person consultation and analysis. Plus, you can use an objective perspective from another person instead of just yourself.
With us, there is a natural and ongoing dialogue and interaction every time you come in.
This relationship seamlessly helps us improve your hair requirements and appearance over time. As you change, so will your hair requirements. It is important that you consistently have the perspective from a third party hair expert to help you keep looking the best that you can.
Most importantly, there is a special relationship and bond that DesignX has with all of its valued clients.
We get to know you really well, more than you might know yourself. There is always a fluid and natural interaction that is open to compromise, accommodations, adjustments and immediate attention when needed. Life always throws you a curve ball or two. You can feel secure and comfortable knowing that we’re always here for you when that happens.
Why waste the time and money going through the trial and error to realize that DesignX is better when you can come to DesignX and get it right the first time?
The overall cost of buying your hair separate from the salon that provides your services ends up costing you more, often times.
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