When it comes to women losing their hair, it’s absolutely devastating. Unlike men, women do not have the option of showing thinning or balding. It is a social stigma for them. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Here are the TWO MOST ABSOLUTE IMPORTANT things that every woman should know, whether you’re losing your hair or not.

The FIRST is that it is absolutely NORMAL for women to lose their hair just as it is for men. Female pattern hair loss is just as common as male pattern hair loss. Women account for a ratio of about 3/5ths to the number of men losing their hair. So there are millions of women going through it just as there are millions of men. No woman should ever feel that there’s something wrong with her. It is completely and totally a normal part of life, regardless of your age. As difficult and stressful as it can be for women, I urge them to keep this fact in perspective.

The SECOND is that unlike men, often times hair loss for women is a temporary occurrence, not a permanent occurrence. Thus, the most important thing to do first is to identify which one it is. This is the first thing I always do when I’m consulting with a female client. If I establish that it is temporary, I will immediately advise that she not do anything at all for several months and simply wait, because the hair will usually grow back. If we determine that it is a permanent hair loss scenario, then pursuing a permanent solution makes sense. A lot of hair loss salons do not take the time nor care to establish the true nature of the situation. I never do that. While waiting makes sense for a temporary situation, the opposite is true for a permanent situation…there is no reason to wait, because you will simply keep losing more hair.

Thirdly (I know I said two things), most doctors and dermatologists do not know much about hair loss and aren’t able to diagnose the cause, believe it or not. It’s not a field they’re trained in, nor one that they care about, in all honestly. Don’t expect to get any real guidance or answers from most doctors.