You work hard. You’re successful. You’ve created a legacy of which you are very proud. You maintain a great balance of work, family and life. All of these successes have come to you because you caused them to happen. You’ve earned them. Life is good. Throughout your life, you created goals for yourself and taken the necessary steps to successfully achieve all of them. But there are a few things in life that are sometimes not quite in our control. One of those is the onset of hair loss. We’re not in control of it when it starts, but we can certainly take control and remedy the problem once we identify it. Our image is important to us. We want to look as good on the outside as we feel on the inside. Taking control of an uncontrollable situation is the key.

Hair loss doesn’t discriminate, not on gender, age, ethnicity or anything else. It can hit any one of us, man or woman, young or old, at any time in our lives. For me, it started at the age of 18. I had to deal with it before I even became an adult. For those of us who like to be in control of every aspect of our lives, having to deal with hair loss is frustrating, stressful and sometimes debilitating. But it doesn’t have to be any of these. Just because we feel helpless and not in control of this particular situation doesn’t mean that we can’t take on this challenge and obstacle just like we have with other obstacles in our lives, with great success.

The important thing to do first is to take the emotion out of it and simply look at the situation for what it is. So you’re losing your hair? So what? Yes, it hurts and shocks you in a way you’ve never felt before. If you’re a woman, those feelings are exponentially magnified because society doesn’t accept bald women. But once the emotional waves have subsided, you should start looking at your situation from a completely different perspective. Take an objective perspective, one that simply poses itself as an obstacle to getting your hair back. Once you’ve addressed your problem, getting informed and educated about the various solutions is the next step. You remind yourself that nothing in life is unachievable so long as you educate yourself on the proper course of action. You’ve done it many times in the past, with great success. So why not handle this situation in exactly the same manner?

Once you’ve done your research (or even if you haven’t), the next most important step is to talk to a professional who understands and has experienced every aspect of hair loss. You deserve the best, right? That means dealing with a like-minded professional who only has your best interest in mind. Someone who truly takes the time to understand all of your needs (even if you don’t yet) and is able to articulate every nuance of your needs right back at you. Someone who values your relationship above and beyond anything else, particularly above business. Great success is a byproduct that comes from an undying passion to help others. You understand this. That is why you should seek a professional that understands this as well. Making the right choice in seeking the right partner to resolve your hair loss is the most critical step. Many times, that’s the nudge we need to keep us on the path of success.