If you’re a man and you’re losing your hair, the decision to finally do something about is actually very simple. It comes down to one simple question you need to ask yourself: “Do I want to fix my problem or not?” When you really ask yourself that question, you’ll know the answer immediately, well before you finish asking yourself the question, because the answer is always right there inside you.

The problem with hair loss is that it becomes so psychologically and emotionally overwhelming that it thwarts your ability to think clearly and objectively about the matter. When your car breaks down, you fix it. When you get sick, you take medicine. When you start losing your hair, you ??????…..ignore the issue. You get into a state of denial about it. You close up and stifle yourself. You can’t think objectively anymore.

You don’t have to go through all that. Just man up, look at yourself squarely in the mirror, make eye contact with yourself and ask the short and simple question. If the answer is “yes”, do something about it immediately. Believe me, the very moment you make that call to someone like me, you will immediately be relieved and feel freed because you know you just took the hardest step in the right direction. That heavy feeling just vanishes.

If the answer is “no”, then immediately internalize that self-awareness about yourself and realize that you just made an important self-discovery about yourself. Burst back into the world and your life with the biggest smile on your face and the greatest zeal and confidence you ever had!!!