DesignX Hair Creations’ ( new blog aims to educate those experiencing hair loss, while offering solutions.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB)July 03, 2015

Ignoring hair loss doesn’t make the problem go away; in fact, it makes more hair go away. In order to educate those experiencing hair loss on measures that can be taken to combat it and about hair replacement products, DesignX Hair Creations has started a blog where people can better inform themselves about hair loss and share their stories.

The blog states, “It takes an average person about seven years to actually do something about their hair loss concerns. There are many stages that a person goes through when he/she starts losing their hair, from shock to anger to depression to denial, to acceptance and finally to action. Action is the last stage, unfortunately. However, it should be the very first stage. People don’t realize that the longer you prolong the situation, the worse it becomes.”

In fact, it took Ark himself about thirteen years to address his hair loss, until one day he had an epiphany to do something about it. “It was so easy and gratifying, and I was so relieved,” said Ark Sardarov, client and co-owner of DesignX. . “All the stress rolled away, and I asked myself, ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner? What took me so long?’”

The key, Ark says, whether you’re a man or woman experiencing hair loss, is to simply start the process. To help empower those dealing with hair loss, DesignX developed a hair-replacement product, “The DesignX Proprietary System,” a tissue-thin skin system where 100% human hair is put into the skin. For women experiencing hair loss, the system is a perfect blend of the system hair and the woman’s hair, which sets DesignX apart as most other places cannot cater to women’s hair loss.

“Once you start learning about the problem and its options, you realize it’s not that hard at all to do something about it,” said Ark. “There’s something about knowing and having the right information that empowers you, gives you confidence and makes you come out of your shell and say to yourself ‘I can deal with this. Let’s do it!’”

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About DesignX Hair Creations, Inc.
DesignX was founded by Ark Sardarov, a former corporate banker, and Ruth Ramirez, a licensed cosmetologist. As a DesignX client himself, Ark is empathetic and compassionate to his clients, with whom he sets out to build long-term relationships. Together, the DesignX team has abundant experience in hair loss, of both men and women, providing hair loss solutions, hair products and salon services. For more information or a consultation, please call (818) 351-7799, or visit the salon at 1011 W. Olive Ave., suite B, Burbank, CA 91506.

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