Welcome to DesignX! We are honored to have you take an interest in our company and our products and services. DesignX has raised the bar when it comes to solving the problems of hair loss and thinning hair. We are unlike any other hair company. We inform, educate and empower every client with all of the pertinent information needed to make a truly informed decision for their best solution.


DesignX was founded by a hair loss client and an extremely talented stylist/licensed cosmetologist. The President is a client! Together with our entire dedicated team, they forged a company focused on the real needs of our customers. With the customer as the focal point, DesignX is unlike other hair loss companies. Typical hair companies are based on maximizing their profit per customer, which naturally takes the focus away from the customer’s real needs. Our only focus IS the customer! Because of that, we know that customers want the best and most advanced products, most exceptional customer service, the most value for their money, and most important of all — the satisfaction that they were heard, understood and cared for like never before. We deliver on our promise and we always surpass expectations. Our high expectations will become your high expectations.

Because DesignX was created for the customer and by a customer, we are empathetic to our client. We understand the complex emotions and psychology of losing your hair. More importantly, we understand the new set of emotions and feelings that come with restoring your hair and making permanent changes to your appearance. We understand the “before” and the “after”. We guide you through the transition with honesty, sincerity and genuine expectations. We also understand that you might experience an adjustment period after the significant positive changes in your life. We deliver on the “after” with as much vigor as we did when helping you get there!

A Note from the President

I started losing my hair at 18. By the time I was 22, just about all of my hair on top was gone. Talk about being devastated at such a young age for a young man. That’s when I educated myself on hair loss, the industry and all the real options available to people. That’s also when I learned that it is very common for women to lose their hair also. It’s not just a man’s problem. I decided at that point I wanted to help other people in my situation. If you think losing your hair for a young man was difficult, consider what a young woman goes through in a world that doesn’t accept bald women. That’s when I made a commitment to help men and women change their situation and take control of their lives.

The single most important thing I learned is that the hair loss industry should take better care of the customer by (1) delving deeper into the customer’s real concerns and needs and (2) educating and informing the customer of all the viable options with complete honesty and sincerity. I created DesignX with these principles at the core of our company. Simply put, I am here to educate, inform and help every single hair loss customer in every way that I can…with empathy, understanding and compassion.

I also learned that women are under-served in our industry. Historically, their choices have been very limited. DesignX specializes in women’s hair loss and understands the significant differences and concerns that women face. That is why about half of our clients are women. We have created many more options for women and set ourselves apart from other companies in this segment.

If you’re a man or woman going through the emotional pains of losing your hair, give us a call to learn about everything that’s available to you. Give yourself a chance to better your situation. We are eager to help you. Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity.

Wishing you all the best,

Ark Sardarov, President

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